Important resources

For the sake of everyone's time, take a look at the following resources in order to know where to find what you are looking for. Only in case you don't see a resource that addresses your problem, you should contact an individual. The following is a list of resources that are useful for developers:

  • Blog: If you are interested in knowing about the game functionality, the best resource is the blog. The all the design decisions are posted so that everybody can read and comment them. This is a live blog which means that articles in it may change over time as design decisions are being done at the moment.
  • Forum: The developer forum is a place to share knowledge in an structured way. You can find the forum here Things such as technical discussions, environment set up... should be addressed to the forum so that other users can find the right information without having to ask. If you have a problem when trying to compile, run, test... the project the forum is the first place to look into.
  • Mailing lists: We have different mailing lists for different purposes. You can subscribe, browse and unsubscribe to them here
    • Core: The audience of this list are the team members involved in the project. You should subscribe to this list as soon as you have been admitted in the project as a team member in order to communicate with other members. All discussion topics that are not managed by trackers or forum topics should be addressed to this list. This list can be browsed here. If you are a new comer, please make sure to introduce yourself to the rest of the team by sending your introduction email to the list.
    • Users: The audience of this list are the end users of the project. Any end user of the project that wishes to communicate with other users is encouraged to subscribe to the list and to address questions, comments, critics to this list. The archive of this list can be browsed here
  • Trackers: Trackers allow the organization of tasks so that we can follow up what needs to be done. Are you eager to get your hands on something? Then trackers are the place to look for work!
    • Feature tracker: This tracker contains future features tasks to be done. Make sure you pick a task that doesn't have anyone assigned to it, otherwise two people might be doing the same thing. You can find this tracker here
    • Bug tracker: This tracker contains bug tasks to be done in order to fix a problem. You can find this tracker here
    • Support tracker: Are you having problems? Do you want to help others that have problems? Then this is the right tracker to follow! In this tracker we find support related tasks, meaning tasks that are not bugs in the project but that have to do with environment specific issues. You can find this tracker here